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ARE X Series & Overland Series

ARE introduces it's newest truck caps, the X Series. Stylish looks with an all glass rear door at a lower cost than the ARE Z series. They have also come to market with the Overland Series. A rugged looking cab high cap with the use of Spray on Liner on the sides which go great with the off road look.


Updated: Aug 1, 2014


Monthly Coupons..

demoARE, Century, Leer, and ATC are offering some monthly specails on their fiberglass Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers.  Take a look at those pages to see how much money you can save...

Updated: Aug 1, 2014


Show Season has begun:

demoWe just finished our first show of the season and have began preparations for our next event.  If you have been to any shows or have any pictures, please share it with us.

Updated: Aug 1, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I order a cap or tonneau ?
  2. Why is there no perfect paint match guarantee ?
  3. Why does it take 3-4 weeks for fiberglass caps and tonneaus to come in ?
  4. How do I remove a cap or tonneau ?
  5. What is the difference between the different spray liners ?
  6. When is the best time to purchase a cap or tonneau cover ?
  7. What are the Company Policies?

How do I order a cap or tonneau ?

  • The best way is to come by one of our two locations with the truck, so that we can get the color code, vin #, measure the bed, and check for any alternates in the color. Then after you decide on which of the caps or tonneaus fit your need the best, we will do the order paperwork and get it going. At this time we will require a $400 deposit, then the rest will be due at the time the unit is installed. Depending on what is ordered, installation time can take from 1-3 hours.
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Why is there no perfect paint match guarantee ?

  • The reason is that all trucks painted one color from the factory are not the same. If you were to take a gas door from a 2009 F150 and put it on a 2010 F150 the same color, there would most likely be a difference. The reason for this is that paint is purchased in batches, and batches will differ slightly from one batch to the next. For instance GM 50u white as 8 different variances. Same truck, same color code. different shade. Other factors that can change the variance of the color is weather, air pressure, material that is being painted (metal or fiberglass), and pattern (spraying left to right and the speed of the passes). These are all of things that make a perfect paint match difficult, but our manufacturers work directly with DuPont and do achieve that match regularly, but when there are so many differences its hard to guarantee perfect.
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Why does it take 3-4 weeks for a fiberglass cap or tonneau to come in ?

  • When a unit is ordered from the manufacturer it is produced in a assembly line, along with other orders that come in from around the nation. The ticket is printed then the mold is pulled to the fiberglass area.  The mold is then coated with a gel coat for a smooth exterior, then the fiberglass chop is spray for the roof and walls.  After cured the excess is then trimmed and the cap or tonneau is pulled from the mold. At this point it goes to the sanding area to get it ready for paint. After painting the unit, it is then moved to assembly, where the windows, doors, frame system, logos, and locks are put on the cover. Then to final inspection to the loading area. There the unit waits to be loaded on the next trailer which leaves one a week bound to the dealers. Once at we have unloaded the unit here, we will inspect it and then give you a call to setup an installation day and time.


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How do I remove a cap or tonneau ?

  • Fiberglass Caps
  • By first removing the 4-6 clamps that hold the cap to the truck bed. This can be done with a 9/16" socket or a 1/2" socket and wrench, depending on the clamp system. Then in the drivers rear corner near the tail light we install a quick disconnect wiring harness, for your brake light and/or interior light if one is purchased. Just unplug this and the cap is free to be lifted off of the truck. (weighs about 180lbs)
  • Fiberglass Tonneaus
  • First remove the clamps holding the rails to the truck bed. This can be done with a 9/16" socket or a Allen head piece, depending on the manufacture. Then close the cover and lock it. Now it is ready to be lifted off of the truck bed. (weighs about 100lbs)
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What is the difference between spray in liners?

  • Spray in liners come in two main classes, low pressure or high pressure. The low pressure is a softer, more rubberized coating that has to be sprayed very thick or else it will chip up. This can lead to fit issues on some truck bed products and not getting full coverage on the tailgate. Most all low pressure liners will have a 1" of unprotected paint on the edge of the tailgate closest to the truck bed. This area is where the tailgate get most of its abuse from sliding items out of the bed. Here at Topper World, we use a high pressure system that sprays a very hard liner. The hard coating is firmer and less likely to give away when used the away a truck bed should be used. The coating does not have to be as thick, this way this is never a fit issue with truck bed accessories and we completely coat the tailgate and bed, so there is no unprotected areas.

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When is the best time to purchase a cap or a tonneau cover ?

  • Well, Now..Every Fiberglass manufacture is offering some kind of coupon or rebate. This doesn't happen often. Usually you will only get a coupon on the top tier caps or tonneaus, but right now most all fiberglass caps and tonneaus have some kind of deal. Stop in one of our stores to see the details...
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What are the Company Policies?

  • Deposits or Holding Deposits are Non Refundable
  • Special Ordered products will be held for 30 days
  • Spray on Bedliners have a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser against chips and peeling, abuse of the bedliner is not covered. Bedliners will be repaired and/or  filled, not resprayed.
  • No Returns on Special Ordered Items
  • No Returns on installed/used Items
  • Each product has it's own warranty and warranty claim process, this is handled by the manufacturer. The removale, shipping, and reinstall is not covered unless stated in the Manufacturer's Warranty. The Manufacturer makes the decision on if the product is deemed defected
  • Paint rubbing due to not adjusting tonneau cover bumps are not covered under any warranty, adjusting the stops is deemed maintaince due to the settling of fiberglass and/or plastic
  • Installation Warranty is 12 months on most products. This covers the install not the product
  • Spray in Bedliners are a permanent accessories and can not be removed or returned
  •  Any items that is considered returnable will be subject to a 15% to 25% Restocking fee to cover reboxing, shipping, and or processing fees
  • The only truck covers that have a leak warranty (weather not pressured car washes) is fiberglass truck caps and tonneaus. All other covers are not guaranteed against leaks
  • Windoors and compression boots are exception to a truck caps leak warranty
  • Gift cards expire after 90 days




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