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Here at Topper World, we sell many different truck accessories. More than we could list on our website. Things such as: Toolboxes, Rails, Grills, Grill Guards, Winch Systems, Alarms, Remote Starts, Bugshields, Rain Guards, and much more...



ARE X Series & Overland Series

ARE introduces it's newest truck caps, the X Series. Stylish looks with an all glass rear door at a lower cost than the ARE Z series. They have also come to market with the Overland Series. A rugged looking cab high cap with the use of Spray on Liner on the sides which go great with the off road look.


Updated: Aug 1, 2014


Monthly Coupons..

demoARE, Century, Leer, and ATC are offering some monthly specails on their fiberglass Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers.  Take a look at those pages to see how much money you can save...

Updated: Aug 1, 2014


Show Season has begun:

demoWe just finished our first show of the season and have began preparations for our next event.  If you have been to any shows or have any pictures, please share it with us.

Updated: Aug 1, 2014

Accessory Catalog

Here is a list of some of the accessories we do on a daily basis at our store locations, but do not have dedicated page for them. If you need any more information please contact a sales person.


Select your products

Price: Starting at $199.99

Toolboxes come in few different styles, finishes, and depths. The most common being the cross over, single lid, 13" deep, brite aluminium. The depth could also be 18" or a black powder coat finish. They can be mount in the front of the bed, side rails, under a flat bed, or behind the wheel wells.

Grill Guards
Price: Starting at $389.99
Grill Guard

Grill Guards are available in Stainless Steel or Black Powder Coat. They are a custom fit for each vehicle, and give great mounting points for auxilury lights. Can be light duty for looks or heavy duty for winches.

Price: Starting at $599.99
product image

Winches are rated by the pounds they can move. Most popular is 9000lbs winch for most trucks. They range anywhere from 1200lbs for trailers to 16000lbs for heavy duty working. With winches you get what you pay for, so if the price too good to be true, it probally going to leave you in the mud.

Leveling Kits
Price: Starting at $179.99
product image

Leveling kits are the most popular lifts today. It will raise the front end of your truck from 2-3" with breaking your wallet. By raising the front end, the whole truck looks taller, and generally the ride is much better than with a full lift kit.

Chrome Accessories
Price: Starting at $39.99
product image

Chrome handle covers and trim can take a basic plain truck and make it look like a top line model. Fits right over factory handles, mirrors, gas doors, and more.

Price: Starting at $59.99
product image

Protect your hood nose from rocks, bugshield, and debris. The bugshield will mount on the underside of your hood (in pre-existing holes when possible) and fit the contour of your hood. Available in Smoke, Chrome, amd Camo.

Grill Inserts
Price: Starting at $119.99
product image

From the classic billet grill to mesh grills, nd now the full replcement grills, we have them all. Availble in bolt over or cut out, grills are a great way to set your truck apart from the rest in the parking lot.

Price: Starting at $59.99
product image

Ready for a little horse power? We have Air Filters, Cold Air Intakes, Bolt on Exhaust, and Power Programmers. With some trucks you can reach over 175 added horsepower from an intake and a programmer. 

Driving Lights
Price: Starting at $69.99
product image

When your vehicle comes without foglights don't leave that plastic cover in. Bring it to use and let us fit a set of driving or fog lights in there for you. They can work from your factory lights or from a separtae switch.




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